Telling Time Worksheets

This page contains many types of telling time worksheets and lessons for 2nd or 3rd grade kids. Kids who learn 2nd grade math, need to know how to tell time by looking at digital clock and at an analog clock.

Basic telling time worksheets using analog clocks

We give the telling time worksheets on this page by considering that 2nd grade kids don't know how to tell time, at all.

So, we gave the worksheets on the most basic concept of clocks. You can find the following types to worksheets on analog clock reading to tell time.

  1. Telling time to the nearest hour.
  2. Telling time exercises to nearest half an hour.
  3. Use of an analog clock to tell time to nearest quarter after.
  4. Practice all the above skills on a blank clock by drawing both of its hands.

Hence, go down to the worksheets on telling time and print  them to make your young ones busy.

telling time worksheets

Telling Time Worksheets For 2nd Grade Math

Below are the worksheets on very basic analog clocks. These worksheets have been developed by assuming that kids in grade two don't know how to tell time by looking at an analog clock. Hence, by keeping the 2nd grade math learners in mind we developed the most basic exercises for practice. First couple worksheets are on telling time to nearest hour, such as 2 O' clock etc.

The other exercises are on learning clock to tell time to nearest half past hour and quarter past hour. We have done our part, next is your job to print these worksheets and make your kids know how to tell time by using an analog clock.

Telling time worksheets>>>>> WS-1     WS-2     WS-3     WS-4     WS-5     WS-6 

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