Skip Counting Worksheets

Skip counting worksheets for grade two kids

Skip counting worksheets at this page are intended to enhance your kids' overall basic math. Kids develop the idea of times (multiplication), as multiplication is actually repeated addition. If kids know the skip counting by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 10's in 2nd grade, then they almost master these basic times tables as well.

Skip counting also very important to learn counting coins or money. Counting by 5's helps kids to count nickels and by 10's make kids able to count dimes.

Find some of the basic skip counting worksheets for kids in grade two on this page. Skip counting is very important for kids to get better at times tables, patterns and then in algebra later on.

We suggest to use all the skip counting worksheets starting right from skip counting by 2's. Use all the lessons, worksheets and funmathgames on skip counting on this page and see your kids' or students' math skill grow exponentially.

We are committed to cover all the basic math concepts in our 2nd grade math or 3rd grade sites, so that kids can learn all of it from the core. We want the committment on parents or teachers behalf to encourage, appreciate and motivate our kids to learn and get all the topics given in this site.

In 2nd grade math, kids get a golden chance to master many basic arithmetic skills, and skip counting is one of the most important skill. This boost kids mental math skills so that he/she can add and subtract easily. By practicing skip counting worksheets, lessons and fun math games, kids get comfortable with all kinds of skip counting, such as by 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's and 10's.

So, don't overlook this key basic skill for 2nd grade math and get your kids mastered it. Once kids get able to see numbers which are 3, 4 or even 10 number larger than a given number, then they can add, subtract, multiply and divide numbers easily. It helps them to see the relationship or patterns in numbers, which is basic algebra.

Skip Counting By 2's

Below are the skip counting by 2's worksheets for second grade math.

Skip Counting By 2's Chart     

Skip counting by 2's using a number line

Skip Counting By 2's - Fill in the Blanks 

Skip Counting By 2's - worksheet - 1 


Skip Counting By 2's - worksheet - 2 

Skip Counting By 2's backward  


Skip Counting By 2's - game 

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Once kids are comfortable with 2nd grade math worksheets on skip counting by 2's, then they need to learn skip counting by 3's. Below are the skip counting by 3's worksheets:


Skip Counting By 3's                                            Skip counting by 3's - Worksheet 1 

Skip counting by 3's - Worksheet 2                    Skip counting by 3's - Worksheet 3 

Below are more skip counting worksheets for practicing skip counting by 4's, 5's and 10's. Print and have your loving child or students up to date on skip counting and ready to learn times tables.

Skip Counting By 4's          Skip counting By 4's - Worksheet 1         Skip counting by 4's worksheet 2          

Skip counting by 5's           Skip counting by 5's worksheet               Skip counting by 5's - fun game 

Skip counting by 10's        Skip counting by 10's worksheet 2           Skip counting by 10's worksheet 3 

Hope you and your kids or students in 2nd grade math will enjoy our skip counting worksheets and lessons.

God Bless

Guru Angad Educational Team

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