Pattern Worksheets

Free pattern worksheets for 2nd grade math

Pattern worksheets for 2nd grade math

The patterns are almost everywhere you look. For example; day and night, clouds in the sky, petals of flowers, leaves of the trees and big mountains, all make patterns around us.

Butterflies, bees and birds have patterns in their wings.

If you are sitting in your classroom, still you can find many patterns around you. List the patterns you see around you.

In second grade math, patterns are one of the main math topics to learn. We have included some of the basic pattern worksheets in this site.

Knowledge of patterns is very important to see the relationships among numbers representing quantities. In other words, patterns give kids a strong foundation to start algebra as most of algebra is about relationships among two or more quantities.

The basic pattern worksheets for kids in 2nd grade should include simple shape patterns, number patterns and patterns in alphabet. Keeping all the above points we have included the following basic pattern worksheets.

Geometric shapes patterns worksheets:             WS 1          WS 2          WS 3          WS 4          WS 5

Number and letter pattern worksheets:                WS 1          WS 2          WS 3          WS 4          WS 5

Soon we'll include more worksheets on patterns. But we don't want to overburden the kids and right now not much of the feedback, we have got so far, demands more patterns worksheets.

Still this topic is very important for 2nd grade kids as it gives a platform to learn times tables, input and output tables and hence algebra.

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