Geometric Shapes

Geometric Shapes All Around Us

Yes, there are geometric shapes everywhere around us. Dinner plate we use to eat, house we live in, a car or a bus we use to travel, paper we write on and millions other examples can be given about the geometric shapes in daily life.

Kids start to recognize these shapes at very early stages of their lives. But they may not be aware of their names, we have given to these shapes.

Hence it can be said that children know about geometry and our job is to tell the names of these shapes and objects to our children. So 2nd grade math geometry lessons and worksheets can be built on the knowledge, kids get from their surroundings.

The need is to give a child the opportunities and the vocab to practice recognizing geometric shapes around them. This is very important to develop spacial sense in kids, such as big, small, far, near and so on.

So geometric shapes to spacial sense make kids apply the geometric concepts in the different areas of mathematics.

At this page you can find lessons and worksheets on geometric shapes. We start with the geometric shape vocabulary, attributes of two and three dimensional shapes.

Kids learning 2nd grade math should know all the basic two dimensional and three dimensional shapes, their attributes (such as sides, faces, verities etc.). They should be able to recognize the similar and different geometric shapes.

If you can't find some of the geometric shapes, (for example, trapezoids or rhombuses), in your classroom environments,then you can cut out these shapes from cardboard or construction paper. Children learning about geometric shapes remains limited unless we show them a variety of examples from our daily life or shape models.

Geometric Shapes Vocabulary

As already been said, kids start to recognize geometric shapes at very early stages of their age. Our job is to inform them about the names (vocabulary) given to these shapes.

Below are basic vocabulary worksheets, print them so that your kids know the names of all the geometric shapes:

Geometric Shapes Lesson - 1                    Geometric shapes lesson - 2 

Geometric shapes vocab worksheet         Worksheet 2 - Match the mixed shapes 

Three dimensional shapes worksheet       Two dimensional geometric shapes hunt 

Geometric shapes in daily life                   Geometric shapes multiple choice worksheet

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