Rounding Numbers:

Rounding numbers is to change the numbers into nearest tens, hundreds or thousands or ten thousands. There are the following main reasons, we need to round the numbers;


  1. When you need to estimate the answer, such as before adding or subtracting two or more numbers, you can round them to get a reasonable estimate of the true answer.
  2. Sometimes there is a requirement in the question itself which ask you to estimate the answer. The wording of the question can be "about how many...?".
  3. Sometimes the exact answer is hard to obtain or even not possible, then you can round the answer for approximation.

Rounding numbers worksheets


Rounding numbers is often done on purpose to obtain a value that is easier to write and handle than the original value.


As usual, the most basic form of rounding is to round a number to nearest tens. The basic requirement to do the task is the knowledge of skip counting by 10's and place value to tens.


Rounding a number to nearest tens:

As already said above, to round a number to nearest ten is the most basic form of this skill. To do the task, kids should know the following;


10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, and so on.


Which is skip counting by 10's. Once kids know above skip counting by 10's then it is very easy for them to round a given number to its nearest ten.


For example; consider we have 17 and we want to round it to nearest ten. To do the task, find two tens (from 10's skip counting) which have 17 between them.


These two tens are 10 and 20. The next step is to see, which 10's is closer to 17. Is it 10 or is it 20?


Of course it is 20 because it is just 3 numbers away from 17 compared to 10 which is 7 numbers away from 17. Hence, 17 rounded to nearest 10's is 20.


Similarly, kids can learn how to round to nearest hundreds or thousands. This page contains cool second grade math worksheets and lessons on rounding numbers.

Rounding to nearest tens lessons and worksheets


The basics of rounding is to learn how to round a given number to nearest tens. Rounding to nearest tens is easiest to do and gives the basic understanding of rounding to kids in 2nd grade. Still before start rounding numbers we want to give some warm up worksheets. So print the following worksheets before teaching rounding numbers to kids.


Basics to rounding numbers worksheet-1    Basics to rounding numbers worksheet-2    Basics to rounding numbers worksheet-1


Print the lessons below to introduce your kids (students) to rounding numbers to nearest tens. If you not a teacher and a parent, you still can explain the easy instructions to your kids.


Rounding numbers to nearest tens lesson - 1      Rounding numbers to tens lesson - 2 


Rounding numbers to nearest tens lesson - 3 


Now, kids can try the following worksheets on rounding to nearest tens.


Rounding to nearest tens worksheet - 1    Rounding to nearest tens worksheets - 2


Rounding Numbers to nearest hundred worksheets and lessons:

Once, kids get comfortable with rounding to nearest tens, they are ready to learn rounding a number to nearest hundreds.


Below are the key worksheets on rounding numbers to nearest hundreds, that kids in 2nd grade can use to practice. Follow the instructions given in the worksheets to do the rest of the problems given in them.


Rounding numbers to nearest hundreds worksheet - 1            Rounding numbers to nearest hundreds worksheet - 2


After learning how to round a number to nearest tens and hundreds, the next step is to learn rounding numbers to nearest thousand. Below are the key lessons and worksheets on rounding numbers to nearest thousands.


Rounding numbers to nearest thousands worksheets - 1      Rounding numbers to nearest thousands worksheets - 2 

Multiple Choice Worksheets On Rounding Numbers

Below are the multiple choice worksheets on rounding numbers to nearest tens and hundreds. Print and put your kids back to work, so that they can become smartest in math.


Worksheet - 1               Worksheet - 2               Worksheet - 3               Worksheet - 4               Worksheet - 5               Worksheet - 6


Hence the rounding numbers skill for kids or students in 2nd grade. Hope kids can learn estimating numbers by using these key rounding numbers skills.


Many times, kids are asked to estimate a number by getting addition or subtraction of two or more numbers. Estimation skills make kids able to think faster and take their mental math skills to higher levels. We hope that kids who wants to learn 2nd grade math will like our lessons and worksheets on rounding numbers.

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