Fraction Worksheets For 2nd Grade Math


Fractions are the key to basic mathematics

Fraction worksheets for kids

Fractions are one of the most important math skills, kids in elementary school have to master.

Kids can use fractions worksheets to practice this skill and get better understanding of fractions. Kids can start learning fractions as soon as they enroll in grade one but they should be introduced with wholes, halves and quarters only.

Once kids upgraded to 2nd grade they can explore fractions by drawing shapes. Parents and teachers can use fractions models to explain fractions to young kids.

Pizza can be considered for the explanation of fractions at home from where kids learn to draw circular fractions.

Cut an apple into half and then cut each half further into two piece to get quarters. This way kids can visualize the basic fractions. The idea of fractions in lower grades, such as grade two, is to make kids very comfortable with fractions. This target can be easily achieved using drawings, fractional models and real life examples such as cutting pizza into equal parts or cutting an apple into four equal parts. This way kids in grade two could learn the halves, quarters and three quarters.

Below are the useful links to all kinds of fraction worksheets for 2nd grade math students:

Basic fraction worksheets                               Equivalent fractions 

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