Counting Numbers

Counting numbers worksheets for 2nd grade math

Learn counting numbers to boost your overall math skills for grade two. Use our lessons and counting worksheets given below.

Below are the main counting numbers to thousand worksheets for grade two students. 2nd grade kids need to know how to write and count numbers larger than one hundred.

2nd grade math worksheets on counting numbers:

A key skill for 2nd grade students is to master hundreds chart by doing it again and again. They should be able to finish it in couple of minutes.

To learn counting to 100 using a hundred chart, we have given the different versions of this chart. Click on any of the links below to print the hundred charts. Make sure that kids go through all of these charts.

Hundreds Chart                        Hundreds Chart - Back Count   


Hundreds Chart Skipped         Backward hundred chart skipped

Once kids are comfortable with numbers from 1 to 100, they need lots of practice writing these numbers on a blank hundred chart which can be printed by clicking on the links below. Another tip to get perfect on counting numbers is to learn writing numbers backwards from 100 to 1, too.

 Blank hundreds chart      Backward hundred chart - Blank 

Above charts give a second chance to kids to get better at counting numbers to one hundred. We suggest to master counting numbers forward from 1 to 100 and backward from 100 to 1, as well.

After learning and practicing numbers to one hundred on a hundred chart, 2nd grade kids should go further to explore the numbers to 200. Below are the links to practice the numbers from 1 to 200.

Numbers to 200       Numbers to 200 - Blank Chart

It is useful to keep practicing numbers on a hundred chart, 200 chart and on a 1 - 300 number chart as given by the link below:

1-300 numbers 

This is very significant to make kids able to write numbers larger than one hundreds and the above 1 - 300 number chart gives a good starting point. It looks a lot but encourage your child to finish it.

To practice writing numbers up to 1,000 click the link below. It is always an asset for grade two kids to understand and write large numbers up to 1,000 or higher.

Large Numbers 

Above are the main counting worksheets for 2nd grade math. Print all of them and practice a lot using these key counting number worksheets to become a math genius. Remember, practice makes you perfect.

The counting number skills are very important to learn and 2nd grade math provide an excellent opportunity to learn them. We urge all the kids to print and practice all of the counting number worksheets given on this page.

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