Addition Worksheets

All kinds of addition worksheets for grade two kids

Let's start to produce addition worksheets from adding one digit numbers. At this page you'll find some key lessons and worksheets on one digit addition for your 2nd grade math students or kids.

Print these addition worksheets and lessons for the kids to practice basic addition. First of all let's review the 1st grade addition skills by doing the following three worksheets.

Basic Addition Worksheet - 1      Basic Addition Worksheet - 2       Basic Addition worksheet - 3

Horizontal Addition Worksheets for second grade math 

 WS # 1           WS # 2            WS # 3            WS # 4             WS # 5  

 WS # 6           WS # 7           WS # 8             WS # 9             WS # 10 


Once kids get comfortable with one digit addition vertically and horizontally, the next step in 2nd grade math addition is to introduce kids with two digit addition.

Students can begin with adding one digit number to two digit number. For example; kids should start addition problems like 3 + 26 or 57 + 8.

They should continue adding these kind of addition problems until they get able to add three digit numbers to another three digit numbers.

Addition without regrouping worksheets and addition with regrouping worksheets

Our addition worksheets build from basic level addition to the highest level addition, it can get in 2nd grade math.

Encourage your kids (students) to do all the addition worksheets on this page without using a calculator. Remember that grade two is the most appropriate grade level to master all kinds of addition, so don't delay it for your kids.

Basic Addition worksheets to be used in 2nd grade math

1. Adding three, one digit numbers vertically: Print the following addition worksheets to practice adding three numbers vertically (top to bottom in a column).

Worksheet - 1               Worksheet - 2               Worksheet - 3

2. Addition without regrouping worksheets: Below are basic 2nd grade math worksheets on addition without regrouping, print them and ask your kids to practice.

Two digit addition without regrouping worksheet - 1 

Two digit addition without regrouping worksheet - 2 

Three digit addition without regrouping worksheet - 3 

Three digit addition without regrouping worksheet - 4

3. Addition with regrouping worksheets: 2nd grade math student should know how to add numbers with regrouping. Below are the addition with regrouping worksheets.

Two digit addition with regrouping worksheet - 1         Two digit addition with regrouping worksheet - 2 

Three digit addition with regrouping worksheet - 3      Three digit addition with regrouping worksheet - 4 

Three digit addition with regrouping worksheet - 5

That's all the addition worksheets for now. Kids in 2nd grade need to do lots of practice on adding numbers. The first step is to do addition using objects from daily life.

Once students get the meaning of addition and know it very well, then is the right time to practice using addition worksheets and exercises from the text books.

Tell the kids about many benefits of addition in our daily life and math learning to motivate them to master this basic math operation.

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