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This site is maintained by Guru Angad Educational, Richmond, BC, Canada. We go door to door for Math and Science tutoring in the Vancouver Lower Mainland Area in BC, Canada.

We want to share our tutors' skills with the rest of the world and this site is a link towards that effort. The next site to come is 3rd Grade Math.

Our goal is to reach billions of kids for their math learning needs. This site is a link for that and is intended to provide free lessons and worksheets on 2nd grade math.

Please, don't copy the content for any kind of commercial use to sell. All the content is protected under Canadian Copyright Act. Violator can be prosecuted.

The use of math lessons and worksheets for teaching purposes is allowed. If you want to use our content on your blog or site, you are allowed to do so only if you keep the original content and without any modification including, but not limited to, name of our organization and links contained in the lessons or worksheets.

To contact us please email us at:

info@mathsmart.ca     OR     info@fractionsworksheets.ca

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