2nd Grade Math Help For Kids

Read through this page if you looking for 2nd grade math help tips for your kids. Many parents want to hire a tutor to help their kids in 2nd grade math or other elementary grades math.

But it is very easy to help a child in grade two in all the subjects, and this site is special one to equip the parents with math tools to help their loved ones in 2nd grade math.

We can subdivide the second grade math topics in four sections. These four subsections are the number sense, geometry and spacial sense, measurement sense and basic operations of addition and subtraction.

There may be other small subsections in some school curricula, but the above four can't be ignored and are the most important one.

How to help your kids in 2nd grade math number sense:

Number sense involves counting numbers to one thousands, skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's, writing numbers in words, place value to thousands and rounding numbers to nearest tens, hundreds and thousands. All of these are the basic number sense topics on which 2nd grade math help can be provided to kids.

More about 2nd grade math worksheets:

You are free to print 2nd grade math lessons and worksheets from this site as long as you want to help your kids to learn math or you are a school teacher and print these lessons and worksheets for your students.

Please don't use these lessons and worksheets to bind an ebook or a text book to sell it, all the content is copyrighted under Canadian Copyright Act. Our goal is to help kids learn math for free and please help us to achieve this goal by spreading this site's content for free to all.

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First of all parents need to make sure that their 2nd graders can count and write numbers to 1000. To help your kids to full fill this requirement, visit the counting numbers and writing numbers pages of this site under number sense menu in the above navigation bar.

Once kids get comfortable with writing and reading numbers by ones to one thousand, the next step is to make them perfect on skip counting. Skip counting is very important basic number sense skill which make kids to count numbers in groups of 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's, 10's and even 100's. Visit skip counting worksheets page of this site under number sense category.

Finally the numbes sense skills for 2nd grade math require your kids to be smart on place value to one thousand and rounding numbers to nearest one thousands. Lessons and worksheets on both of these important topics can be found under number sense category of upper navigation bar.

2nd Grade Math Help on Geometric Sense:

The lessons and worksheets on basic geometric topics such as spacial sense (up, down, left or right), two dimensional shapes, three dimensional shapes and geometric shape patterns can be obtained in the different sections of this site. Just follow the upper navigation bare or the bottom links to visit these pages.

Help your 2nd grade math student to measure quantities

Measurement sense is another very important basic math section for grade two kids. In this section kids can learn counting coins, telling time and patterns.

Some times patterns are included in another section of basic algebra, but keep it short and simple in 2nd grade math.

Basic addition and subtractions skills: 

Basic addition and subtractions are the must know skills for second grade math. All the parents can help their kids to learn addition and subtraction with easy to use lessons and worksheets in this site.

Visit addition worksheets or subtraction worksheets pages of this site to print page full with instructions and tips on how to teach 2nd graders add and subtract.

Finally 2nd grade math help your kids is available at this site. Just find the appropriate page and print lessons and worksheets for kids.

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