2nd grade math - Foundation to higher math

When it comes to building a solid math foundation, then 2nd grade math can't be ignored. There is such a variety of new math activities and topics in second grade math that if kids ignored it or don't get it, they have to regret for whole of their math learning.


Why Kids Need To Focus On 2nd Grade Math Topics?


This is guaranteed that without having sound basic math skills, kids suffer a lot in school and afterward at workplace.


If a child has a weak base in math, this child will feel math as one of his/her enemy as this subject get increasingly tough. More struggling in elementary math give birth to math failure in high grades and dropping off the subject. But this is the key subject and mandatory to learn till the end of high school.


Don't let it happen to your kids and give them proper guidance from the beginning. Parents who stayed well informed and educate themselves with the everchanging world, help their kids the most and their kids meet the success most.


To help your kids in 2nd grade math, find the key competentencies for kids to master in this post. According to the most of the nations core standards for second grade math, there are following basic areas for kids in this grade.



Key skills (standards) to master in 2nd grade math

1. Number Sense: 

Students in 2nd grade math need to know counting numbers to 1000, recognize groups of numbers, and using numbers to compare and represent objects around them give a direction for grasping number theory and the concept of place value.

2. Basic math operations:

As you know there are four basic math operations; addition, subtractions, multiplication and division. In grade 2 math, kids need to know the addition and subtraction. If they can use mental math to add one digit numbers, think your kids are smart.

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3. Algebra:

Kids need to develop the ability to sort and order objects or numbers. They learn recognizing and building on simple patterns in second grade math, which is beginning of algebra, an important  concept to pave the road for higher algebraic concepts.

4. Geometry & spacial sense:

2nd grade math gives a platform to learn about many more 2 and 3 dimensional shapes by drawing and sorting. Kids start to learn about directions such as above, below, north, south, east, west, right and left etc.This helps them to learn giving directions, spacial sense and coordinate geometry in higher grades.

5. Measurement:

Kids learn how to measure quantities such as mass, volume, length and temperature. They start to count coins, tell time on an analog clock.

Hence, there are five main areas of 2nd grade math, kids need to learn. Always encourage kids to develop all round skills in all these five areas. You can use our 2nd grade math worksheets at this site to help your kids practice all the above basic math skills. Then see your loved one's math skill to grow in 2nd grade math and beyond.

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