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1st Grade Math Help

You can go down the page to print the basic booklet for your child to review 1st grade math, or read through the page.

Before starting 2nd grade math, students need to understand some core math concepts in 1st grade math. Help for kids can be obtained even from parents or older siblings to master the following first grade math topics.

1. Counting numbers to 20: Normally kids in grade one learn counting numbers up to one hundred but learn to count and write numerals to twenty is the bottom line. Once they master numbering to 20, the higher numbers comes very easily.

2. Skip counting: Skip counting is to count in groups of 2's, 3's and 5's and so on. At least 1st graders should know the concepts of skip counting by 2's. There are many daily life examples which can be used to introduce skip counting to kids.

3. Place value: Place value to hundreds is very good skill to learn in grade one math. This help kids to start 2nd grade math with ease.

4. Geometric and spacial Sense: Grade one kids should know basic two dimensional shapes such as circles (round), rectangles (got corners) and couple of the three dimensional shapes such as an ice cream cone and a soccer ball or a pop can are very good examples of geometric shapes.

5. Measurement Skills: With all the above basic skills if kids can learn bigger and smaller, longer or shorter, telling time to an hour and counting some basic coins then these kids are blessed and exceptional.

1st Grade Math Help - Review The Basic

Print the following little booklet which can help your child to go over the key 1st grade math skills.

1st grade math help guide 

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