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2nd Grade Math

Special site to make your kids super smart in second grade math!

If you are looking for 2nd grade math lessons and worksheets, for your kids or students, then you are at the right place. This site contains free grade 2 math content in the form of cool lessons and worksheets.

List of main skills, your kids need to know before starting 2nd grade math:

Counting the numbers to 100 (higher is better)

Even and odd numbers (idea of skip counting)

Place value to tens (to hundreds is better)

Basic patterns and sequences with shapes

Add & subtract single and two digit numbers

Geometric shapes and knowledge of coins

Knowledge of basic fractions such as 1/2 (one half)

When starting 2nd grade math, kids should review all of the above skills, though. This makes them more confident in basic grade 1 math and they can start new concepts in second grade math with ease.

To master any concept in math (basic or advance level), practice is the key. Encourage your kids to do lots of practice on math worksheets given in this website. Soon you will see good improvement in your kids' math skills and they can get excellent grades in math quizes and tests.

List of key skills to be learned in 2nd grade math

Counting the numbers from 1 to 1000 

This skill makes your kids more comfortable with larger numbers. Specially they start to explore bigger numbers and get a hang of them.

Writing number spelling for larger numbers 

Kids in grade two need to know how to spell the numbers, visit this page to print free lessons and worksheets.

Place value to thousands for 2nd grade math 

To explore numbers to billions and trillions, add and subtract; place value is the key skill to learn in second grade math. Visit this page to print free place value worksheets for your kids.

Skip counting by 2's, 3's, 5's and 10's 

Skip counting is another very important basic skill to learn in grade 2. Skip counting by 2's, 3's and 5's or 10's make kids perform addition and subtraction without any hassle, kids become able to count money and biggest benefit of learning skip counting is to learn times tables. Skip counting has direct relation with times tables. Visit this page to print free skip counting worksheets for your kids.

Addition and subtraction to 3 digit numbers 

Basic addition and subtractions for kids in grade two can be printed at this page.

Fractions for second grade math 

Link a to our cool fractions site at this page.

Shapes and patterns 

Geometric sense is another great skill to be learned and these pages contain worksheets on basic geometric shapes and number patterns as well as shape and letter patterns.

Counting money worksheets 

This page contains some cool worksheets to learn how to count money with basic coins.

Telling time worksheets 

Print cool telling time worksheets at this page.

Alongside with 2nd grade math and other subjects, kids need to keep participating in physical activities too. This is also the time for a child's physical and mental growth.

They also learn other skills such as how to behave, or how to interact with the other classmates, in second grade and other elementary grades.

Educators and parents need to keep an eye on multi dimensional growth of our kids.

Parents can help their kids easily on topics or concepts in 2nd grade math without any problems. I wonder when some of the parents call us to tutor for their child in grade one, two or three.

Most of parents know the easy math concepts, such as counting numbers bigger than one hundred or spelling of numbers, they should help their child to learn these basic math skills.

This way parents can save lots of money and the bigger thing is, it helps build the stronger relationship with their kids.

All the second grade math topics, given on this page are taught in most of schools around the world in grade two.

The depth of these topics may depend upon the individual school boards or even individual learner. But the key is to let all the 2nd grade kids should touch all of these topics, as they provide the base to learn higher math concepts such as algebra and geometry.

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Below is the link to download an ebook for reviewing grade one math before starting the 2nd grade math:

1st Grade Math Help and Review 

It is a good idea to review for grade one math before starting the grade 2 math. After finishing the grade one review ebook, kids are ready to learn the important topics in the 2nd grade math. 

Keep in mind not to rush your child to learn second grade math faster. Let the kids take their time to learn and once they get used to practice our worksheets on their own pace, then they will never struggle in high school math or higher.

Tips For Parents To Help Their Kids In Second Grade Math and Other Elementary Subjects:

Most often our kids lack the self confidence while dealing with math problems or working with numbers in other words. But parents can help their kids easily on such issues with 2nd grade math to restore kids' confidence. To this parents don't have to be a math professional or a math teacher. Their are some simple but very effective tips, parents can use to help their kids.

1. First tip is to break down the whole second grade math into sub topics. The main subtopics for grade 2 math are; number sense, basic algebra, addition and subtraction, basic geometry and finally the measurements.

2. To create interest in math, tell your kids that nothing is possible without math; such as from building a house, a toy car to a big plane, math is needed.

3. Once kids get curious about math and want to learn it, start teaching them the number sense. For help, look at number sense section of this site. You can get help on teaching number sense concepts for 2nd grade math such as counting numbers, place value and skip counting by reading the lessons in this site.

4. Let kids understand and work on problems after you have explained. Let them make their own logic to solve simple problems.

5. Math demands persistence, teach it to your kids. This will help them to wipe off many obstacles in math learning. Once this valuable attribute is the hobby of child, 2nd grade math will be nothing for him/her.

6. Always appreciate and celebrate all the efforts by your children. Encourage them to sit longer to do math problems. Start at ten minutes a day and extend this sitting time to an hour a day, slowly.

We are very confident that if parents follow the above key tips, they can easily help their kids learn 2nd grade math and beyond.

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